Monday, February 12, 2007

From New York, it's the Restaurant Smackdown Show

The Great Restaurant Snoot Wars are rampaging through Gotham!

Earlier this month Frank Bruni laid down his scalding treatise on mounting restaurant snoot. Or, as Bruni put it, the "unmistakable, unsettling shift in the balance of power between self-regarding restaurants and self-effacing diners" -- "Once they were lucky to have us. Now we’re lucky to have them."

Now someone at the Old Town Bar in New York, once part of the opening credits for the David Letterman show, has posted a charmingly anarchic window sign decrying the snoot at a rival restaurant, Graydon Carter's increasingly notorious Ye Waverly Inn.

The sign reads, in part:
... (Carter's Waverly Inn) seating is restricted to an elite who get the hush hush, top secret reservation number. What a classic fatuous liberal. He preaches diversity but practices exclusion.
Tired: Blog posts
Wired: Angry butcher-paper scrawls taped to restaurant windows.

For the full image, click through to Gawker.



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