Sunday, January 28, 2007

SF laws should scare restaurants nationally, trade journal says

The executive editor of Nation's Restaurant News sounds an alarm to restaurants around the country, warning them they should act now to avoid sick leave laws like the one set to go into effect next week in San Francisco. He alleges that:
"... the benefit that was mandated (in San Francisco) is out of whack with any business sense ... The trade was caught entirely unaware ..."
The editor, Peter Romeo, added that a no-sick-leave policy encourages the spread of disease, since ill restaurant workers do not stay home as they should. The twin threats of disease outbreak and other measures like the one in San Francisco should motivate restaurants to quickly devise sick leave policies of their own:
"(Restaurants should) develop an alternative standard that addresses the public-health implications of the no work/no pay approach. Short of solution from Hogwarts, any change is going to cost the trade. But it may be better to find a way of assuming a small burden now, lest it be really saddled in the next election or food-borne-illness outbreak."

Full text: You'll pay one way or another (Nation's Restaurant News blog)



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