Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ACTUAL SF rezzy scalper unmasked by Bauer!

A few weeks back I noted that a scalper of restaurant reservations was threatening to come to San Francisco from home base in New York.

Now Michael Bauer has found an actual, operating rezzy scalper here in SF, or at least offering SF reservations: withoutreservations.biz.

The scariest part: there was a 7:15 Wednesday night rezzy at Coco 500 still available when Bauer mentioned the site at the bottom of a blog wrapup on VD (as chefs call the "romantic" day they detest deep in their hearts even if it makes them truckloads of money).

At some point between 5 am and 9 am, someone bought that scalped reservation!

For shame, San Francisco. For shame.

It's not clear how the Bauer found the site. The context of his post implies it might have been via press release. I'm not trying to devalue his scoop, just amazed if a restaurant reservation scalper actually solicited press coverage.

(Valentine's rant link courtesy Knife's Edge.)



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