Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tonight you'll be eating your profit margin, seared over a discriminating palette

Let's say you've dropped $400 on a meal with a half dozen of your closest friends. Nothing was quite as it should be -- not the truffle fries, not the shortribs -- heck, they somehow managed to screw up a simple cheeseburger.

How would like to be able to offer to cover the restaurant's costs, compensating it for the cost of your meal, but still, somehow, punish the owners?

By all appearances, it seems that's what you can do at Waverly Inn, a tavern in New York's West Village, recently relaunched with help from Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter.

A picture posted on the website Eater shows a receipt boasting a 4 percent "didn't like" discount.

It's listed as a "promo," though, so I'm not sure how real this is.

But I definitely want one of those. I promise I'll tip pre-"Didn't like."



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