Saturday, December 30, 2006

Personal: New year's resolutions

This post is not about restaurants or hotels.

A personal blog is a perfect place for New Year's resolutions, though, so here are mine:
  • Swim at least 3x/week at the Y
  • Master flip-turns
  • Complete my fourth Alcatraz Sharkfest swim
  • Start going to yoga class regularly
  • Stay relaxed about the wedding by staying focused on what we want, not what I think others expect
  • Complete at least two enterprise stories in the Business Times that would be of interest to Covers readers
  • Complete my GTD weekly review every Thursday morning
  • Process email and mail into GTD completely every day
Last year my resolution was to swim 3x a week at the Y, spin 3x a week at the Y and lift weights 3x a week at the Y. I do spin 3x a week, but I do weights only 2x a week usually and swimming 1-2x.



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