Monday, January 29, 2007

Alice Waters had plenty of time to read anyway

Chez Panisse owner Alice Waters has had plenty of time for the, er, "business of life" as the say over at the Wall Street Journal, what with so much time outside the office last year.

Apparently she's been reading newspapers when away from the restaurant and associated cafes, specifically the Journal. At least, that's what she'll say in advertisements for the newspaper, which will include her picture and the tagline, "Every Journey Needs a Journal."

The campaign, which also includes a similar ad withSheryl Crow, is aimed at attracting more women readers and more young readers to the newspaper. The WSJ has added significant food, wine and restaurants coverage, first in the Friday Weekend Journal, then in the daily Personal Journal and most recently in the Saturday WSJ Weekend Edition.

Full story in Adweek: 'WSJ' Targets Youth With Celeb Effort

Disclosure: Covers cut its teeth at the Journal.

(Not quite sure where I saw this item posted first. Probably the Chronicle blog. I'll double check that in a few days. ;-->)



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