Friday, September 29, 2006

And do you have a reservation for the food court?

A reliable operative writes about the increasingly exclusive seating in the basement of San Francisco's newest mall-strosity, the new wing of Westfield's San Francisco Centre:
The rush on the tables has the security guards giving diners the bum's rush - happened twice to me now.
That's right -- there's now a defacto velvet rope across the mall food court, traditional home of the Orange Julius and Hot Dog On a Stick.

I'm definitely asking Tom Colicchio about this next week.

But in the meantime: People: grab hold of your senses. There are other restaurants out there. Just like there were before the biggest mall-builder in the country opened yet another in downtown San Francisco and filled it with spinoffs of other, more original restaurants.

I'm not saying it ain't tasty. I'm not saying it ain't worth a visit. I'm just saying, there is no need to get mall security involved, possibly ending up handcuffed and crying in the back of a Sbarro.

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