Monday, October 16, 2006

The NY Times wants to marry your boutique hotel

Gregory Dicum heaped much love on some San Francisco boutique hotels, all under $200 per night, in the New York Times Sunday.

Dicum's top three includes Hotel des Arts, a Union Square property in which most rooms have been decorated by emerging artists. I am red with jealousy, not only because this is an unfamiliar hotel I have never written about in the Business Times, but also because Dicum's room included Dylan's Nashville Skyline on vinyl, complete with its own record player.

An accompanying article on non-tourist restaurants under $25 highlights Pizzeria Delfina, Chow, Mifune and Medicine New-Shojin Eatstation

The hotel article sussed out lots of independent local boutiques, like the Queen Anne, Cornell and at least two others.

San Francisco's Personality Hotels does very well in the article, with its Hotel Metropolis in the top three (albeit with several choice comments on the surrounding neighborhood, mid-Market Street) and its Hotel Diva in the capsule-summary section. That's two out of five.

Also in the capsule summary section were two hotels from San Francisco's national boutique chain, Kimpton: the Triton and Palomar. (Kimpton has 11 hotels in SF.)

The company with the most boutique hotels in San Francisco, Joie de Vivre, only had one entry in the summary list, its flagship Phoenix hotel. (Joie has 20 hotels in SF.)

Scrappy upstart CTwo hotels saw its York hotel make the list.



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